Collaboration with Tobias Möller, Anna Tran & William Sörqvist.

Quorn was established in the 80s and since then alot of things has happened. New trends and competition has risen up as the demand has grown. The design is recognized with its orange color which makes it easy for their customer base to find it. But the brand feels too marketed to the vegetarian customer and when other vegeterian brands are widening their customer base, Quorn is standing still. The photographic manner on the packaging is traditional and doesn’t inspire to a more fun and simple everyday cooking.

Our aim was to transform the communication of the brand so that it appeals to a wider audience. We decided to extend the product range to reach a wider target group as well as analysing the current trends and what todays consumers are looking for. Along that, we have worked to create something that aesthetically attracts our widened audience, but also has a great shelf impact and of course inspires to the joy of food and cooking.

The concept is to attract non-vegetarians to cook more food that is non-meat without compromising on taste. By using beautiful colors and a playful photographic manner we stand out in the shelves in both the vegetarian and meat sections. Our bigger plan and vision for the brand is to bring desire and inspiration for food that is great both for you and the environment. As well as creating a belief in a future where the food is just as delicious as it is sustainable. That’s what Quorn is for us.